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Free Week

Making Strides 2014

Join for Joan! 

Event Date: Saturday, October 18th

Women's Fitness Studio & Spa is a yearly participant and supporter of the Making Strides Annual Walk in the Brunswick area, and we're recruiting members for our team. As of now, you can join our team online by clicking the link below to our Making Strides homepage, or call the club to join. You can make donations and encourage others to join with us! The more the merrier. The team will be led by Kathleen Strickland, one of last year's pacesetters, raising $2,000 and more herself. Last year, we were the top fundraising team for Making Strides 2013 in Brunswick, ME.  Join us in the fight for more birthdays!!

Registration will be open at the event at 10am, and the walk starts at 11am!

To Join our team Go To...

My Strides Homepage

or contact WFS & Spa...


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

WFS Woman of the Month

WFS Woman of October- Louise Neuts

Q. What got you started on your fitness journey?

A. "Truly what got me started on my weight loss journey was a trip to Storyland with my daughter and two granddaughters. The day was going great; as always we were having a blast. We decided to go on a water ride, Dr. Geyser's Wild Ride, and it required you to be belted in your seat. Well, the seatbelt didn't fit, so I had to leave the ride. If that was not embarrassing enough, my granddaughters did not WANT me to leave the ride so they started yelling and saying "Come on, Yaya! Try it again!" and "Just hold your breath." We all changed seats and the guy running the ride pulled and tugged and finally buckled my belt. It was a very hot and busy day at Storyland, and all the lines were huge, including the line at Dr. Geyser's Wild Ride at that moment. So all of this happened in front of almost 100 people. Humiliating is not even close to describing how I felt inside. That was awful."

"When I came back to work, I saw a co-worker I had not seen for a while, and she had lost 80 POUNDS!! I could not get over how different she looked and so healthy!! My journey started the very next day. I lost 40 pounds, but I needed more.  That is when I joined the Women's Fitness Studio & Spa."

Q. What does your training (and diet, if applicable) consist of?

A. "My first day there I thought to myself "why don't they have an elevator to get downstairs?!" That is where I was when I started at WFS & Spa. I was just not feeling like I could do anything because I couldn't.  Just going up and down stairs was a nightmare. Not only did my knees KILL, but I was so out of breath; it was embarrassing.  My daughter had joined so I was going with her. Then she started doing the classes, and that's when the pressure came from her to do the classes. I was so scared; I did not want to embarrass her or myself showing all that I could not do. But the pressure was too much! So I went to BodyPump. I expected support from my daughter, of course, but not from the instructors and every single other person in the room, but that is exactly what I got! I have never once felt embarrassed, out of place or fat at WFS.  Basically my training is the classes. They are awesome, and they are for every level. The instructors are always there letting you know where you should be for your level, always pushing you but never too much! I did boot camp a couple of times, that really let me know that if I try, I really can do it."

"My diet, well, that is an issue that I am always working on, but I did go to Justine’s Weight Loss Fundamentals class at WFS. I learned so much about nutrition and being HEALTHY. I am still struggling with my weight. I really could stand to lose about 65 pounds, but I really do feel FANTASTIC. I had my physical this past Monday and all my numbers are perfect! My cholesterol is still a little high, so I am on a very low dose of cholesterol medication, but I have to cut the pill IN HALF. In 6 months I go for another cholesterol test, and she is pretty sure I will be OFF the meds. My doctor said it IS TOTALLY FROM EXERCISE AND EATING RIGHT. She ended my appointment by shaking my hand and saying she was proud of me. That was awesome."

Q. What are your fitness plans for the future?

A. "I have been going to WFS for over a year now, so my “one year commitment” is up.  I can now quit if I choose to BUT YOU CAN BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR THAT I NEVER WILL! I do not ever want to go back! So my fitness plans are staying the course with WFS!! It just works!!"

Massage Packages Available NOW!

Massage is so beneficial in so many ways; massage reduces stress, oxygenates the blood, promotes clear thinking, and compliments your exercise routine. Now you can treat yourself to the benefits of regular massage with our package specials. 

     Single massage  - $65
     5 massages        - $275 ($55 each)
     10 massages      - $500 ($50 each)

Gift cards available for any spa service, personal training, or products at the front desk, or purchase online HERE